What’s the Right Asset Allocation for Your Client’s Portfolio?


Asset allocation is typically the most significant driver of a portfolio’s return and can play a key role in portfolios for your clients. Have you evaluated these factors?

  • Goals-based objectives
  • Risk/volatility tolerance
  • Investment focus
  • Time horizon
  • Expected return
  • Fee range
  • Spend to assets

Mercer can help. We look at all the objectives and constraints that come into play in any investment decision. We believe that portfolio risk factors should be aligned with your client’s total risk profile and goals.


Better Than Optimal


Mercer builds portfolios from a global mindset but translated to the unique circumstances of you and your clients. From a Strategic Asset Allocation perspective, we take a factor-based approach that seeks to build goal-based portfolios that reflect a client’s unique circumstances. In addition to standard “optimization” based on expected returns and risk, we stress-test our portfolios, evaluate the downside risk, liquidity fees, and the likelihood of the assets not meeting their targeted returns.


Our Dynamic Asset Allocation process is designed to help investors identify specific opportunities — and risks — in the markets by evaluating current valuations, macro concerns, and investor sentiment to help clients determine when and where to deploy capital as efficiently as possible.


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