Pension Management: Creating a Roadmap to Success

The Mercer/CFO Research 2019 Pension Risk Survey report explores the defined benefit pension plan journey, de-risking, and investment governance


Pension management has seldom been more complex or more critical. As premiums paid to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) have soared and U.S. lifespans have increased, the costs of maintaining a defined benefit (DB) plan, and the risks associated with it, have multiplied. Many plan sponsors are understandably reassessing their long-term goals for their plans and how they might reach them. As part of this process, they are developing roadmaps to guide them on their journey, exploring opportunities to de-risk along the way, and rethinking their investment governance structure.

The final report, divided into three sections, explores more of the survey’s findings about the current state of pension management across three broad areas: the plan journey, de-risking, and investment governance.

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