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As a DC plan sponsor, you have diverse needs depending on your business size, your strategic focus and growth goals, as well as any evolving changes in legislation, regulations, and industry trends that could impact the needs of your plan participants. What worked three to five years ago, may not be the best approach for today or tomorrow. Our advisory services can help by providing a broad range of advice and counsel on ways to make better decisions on your retirement plans.

To provide your organization with the best advice possible, we leverage our world-class research that gives us the deep insights you require to move closer to your defined contribution plan goals. Our extensive research (both quantitative and qualitative analysis) highlights trends, macroeconomic issues, and other factors that ensure we provide the latest investment and retirement plan information to ultimately help you make better decisions for your retirement plan.  


Defined Contribution Investing — A Look Through the DC Lens 

DC plans have become the primary source of retirement income for many workers around the world. With this trend, the focus has moved from legacy-defined benefit arrangements to offering best-in-class DC programs. As a fiduciary, that means you have to look for ways to improve the plan and facilitate the effective investment of your plan participant’s assets — that’s your top priority. 

It’s important to consider how the following constraints impact the investment strategies for your DC plan: 

  • Participants are the key decision makers, not the fiduciary. The fiduciary’s role is to control the investment options available to your participants and to assist in helping them make the best decisions possible. 
  • Participants needs are not uniform — some consideration should be given to minority participants. 
  • While fees and expenses can impair benefits over a participants’ working life, they should not be considered in isolation. We recommend targeting best net-of-fee and expense outcomes. 
  • Liquidity and regular (fair) pricing are key considerations; however, this does not mean that illiquid or less regularly priced investments cannot be accommodated as part of a fund offered to participants.


Achieve Greater Prosperity — Build a Successful DC Program, and Focus on Better Participant Outcomes.

The Right Investment Approach Meets the Needs of Your Participants

Across a diversified DC participant base, we generally see the following groups and encourage fiduciaries to keep this in mind when structuring the plan line-up — this way you can respond to the specific needs of each group.

Do it for me
These participants rarely review the portofolio, aren´t engaged in the investments decisions, and may prefer a default option that might include target date funds (TDFs).
Guide me, let me do it
These participants have some engagement to being fully engaged in investments decisions. In some cases, they even want a full range of investment options.

Defined Contribution Insights
Stay informed with our take on the latest news and research impacting DC plans — with insights from our experts and thought leaders.


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         2 This information is as of June 30, 2018.


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