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Faith and Trust — Balancing Your Priorities

Whether you are supporting healthy communities, caring for the sick, fighting poverty or another worthy cause, Mercer helps you align your faith with your financial goals, so you can do more good in the world. Yet the reality of today’s economic environment with liquidity concerns, pension deficits, and cash flow shortfalls can shake anyone’s faith in the future. And this could dramatically alter or sideline your short- and long-term plans. We can help. With more than two decades of experience serving faith-based institutions, we offer significant experience and resources in advising your entity about the best strategies for endowments, foundations, defined benefit plans, and defined contribution plans. From risk monitoring to operational support, and investment advisory to fully delegated solutions, we can help you meet your investment objectives across all of your portfolios.

Church Plan Expertise

Church pension plans are unique and should reflect a custom strategy that not only reflects the risk the pension plan poses to the organization and its associated entities but also to the security of the participants’ benefits. A successful strategy is not only built for today but is one that can adjust quickly to changes for tomorrow, especially as the funded status improves. For church pension plans, we help clients reach their target states for the plans, factoring in future contributions, risk transfer opportunities and ways to dynamically reduce risk through investment strategy. 


Different Portfolios — A Consistent Investment Approach

As with all of our retirement and investment services, a forward-looking, valuation-based approach to portfolio construction and risk management is critical. This approach seeks to achieve more consistent, risk-adjusted portfolio returns over time. Based on your organization’s long-term strategy, we can assist in integrating the right portfolio strategy. We work with your committees and staff to build consensus on optimal governance and then develop a roadmap that covers investment structure, portfolio construction, and investment policy. Beyond advisory, we have helped faith-based organizations like yours restructure portfolios for increased effectiveness and can customize strategies for your particular needs.

Is Responsible Investing Right For Your Organization?

Principles matter, sustainability matters. We can help you support your beliefs and your financial goals. At Mercer, we believe that as a responsible investor, you may want to consider the role that environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) risks and opportunities can play a role in your investment approach. Our ESG roots go deep. We advised the United Nations on the development of the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) and are a UN PRI signatory. Our team has extensive experience and can help you consider ESG issues as well as exclude industries and companies that produce products and services inconsistent with your faith-based values.

Mercer’s ESG ratings platform for investment strategies covers more than 5,500 strategies across asset classes. We can recommend experienced investment managers that integrate and successfully implement RI principles, and benchmark and monitor RI strategies on your behalf.

Why Faith-based Entities Choose Mercer

We have been working with faith-based organizations for more than two decades, and have extensive experience working with organizations with multiple pools of capital.

Why Faith-based Entities Choose Mercer

We have been working with faith-based organizations for more than two decades, and have extensive experience working with organizations with multiple pools of capital.

Faith-Based Insights
Stay informed with latest news, insights, and regulations about faith‑based not‑for‑profits.


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