Mercer Wise 401(k)SM mitigates fiduciary risk and reduces costs for midsize business 

As a midsize defined contribution (DC) plan sponsor, you face the same challenges as a large plan: complex regulation and administration, fiduciary risk, fees, investment selection, and vendor management. You deserve the expertise and backing of a firm with over 40 years of experience advising retirement plans of all sizes. 

A 401(k) Solution for the Mid-market
How it Works

Seeking better outcomes for both plan sponsors and plan participants

With Mercer Wise 401(k), Mercer acts as the ERISA Section 3(16) administrative fiduciary. By taking responsibility for oversight of day-to-day plan administration, we lighten your administrative load and mitigate your fiduciary risk.

Mercer Wise 401(k) also provides ERISA Section 3(38) delegated investment services, giving plan participants the benefit of investment vehicles rarely seen in the under-$100M plan market. Until now.

You deserve an affordable, innovative, retirement solution specifically designed for the midsize business 401(k) plan market.

Mercer’s New Approach Benefits You AND Your Employees

Lower fees

Leveraging our global scale, we're able to meaningfully reduce recordkeeping and investment management fees in most instances as compared to industry average.

Risk mitigation

Mercer relieves you of fiduciary obligations you’d typically bear as plan sponsor and executes on them backed by years of expertise and robust 401(k) plan governance practices.

Reduce administrative workload*

Acting as both a named fiduciary and plan administrator under ERISA, Mercer Wise 401(k) provides valuable time-saving services to plan sponsors.

Better participant outcomes

Lower plan fees, access to Mercer’s highly rated money managers, and our enhanced employee experience can help increase participant savings and enhance the wealth and health of your workforce.

*Reduction in workload data point provided by current Mercer client

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