Aligning your faith with your financial goals


Mercer is committed to helping your faith-based organization make the world a better place today — and for years to come. Yet the reality of today’s economic environment can shake anyone’s faith in the future. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you manage challenges ranging from liquidity concerns and pension deficits to cash flow shortfalls.


With more than two decades of experience serving faith-based institutions, we're equipped to advise you on strategies uniquely tailored for endowments and foundations, as well as defined benefit and defined contribution plans. From risk monitoring to operational support, and investment advisory to fully delegated solutions, we can help you meet your investment objectives across all of your portfolios. Our solutions feature:


  • A holistic investment approach. To help you achieve more consistent, risk-adjusted portfolio returns over time, we take a forward-looking, valuation-based approach to portfolio construction and risk management. Transcending traditional advisory services, we can help you restructure your portfolios for increased effectiveness and customize strategies for your particular needs.
  • Church plan expertise. Because they’re unique, church pension plans require custom strategies that consider both risks and the security of the participants’ benefits. We work closely with you to help you achieve your plan goals and higher purpose — factoring in future contributions, risk transfer opportunities, and ways to dynamically reduce risk through investment strategy.
  • Mission-centric services. From investment research to advice, we offer a full suite of services specially tailored for faith-based organizations like yours. Discover how we can help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.

Why choose Mercer?

Mercer's dedicated not-for-profit consulting team provides creative perspectives and customized solutions that can help you deliver on your mission over the long term.

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Services to be provided by Mercer Investments LLC, which is one of several, associated legal entities that provides investments services to clients as part of a global investment advisory and investment management business (collectively referred to as “Mercer”).


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