Disruption changing the 401(k) landscape


A key feature of the SECURE Act is the establishment of Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs), which allow plan sponsors to pool their retirement resources with those of other employers and delegate most running-the-plan responsibilities to a third party.


While grouped employer plans have been in existence long before the SECURE Act authorized PEPs, Mercer believes that the pandemic will serve as the catalyst for many plan sponsors to transition to pooled structures.


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  • Watch the replay of our pooled plans webinar hosted on September 29, featuring both Mercer and external experts.
  • Read press release: Mercer collaborates with Empower Retirement as recordkeeper for its fast-growing Mercer Wise 401(k) retirement solution as it plans to launch companion Pooled Employer Plan in early 2021.

An alternative solution: Pooled employer plans


Learn how pooled employer plans differ from traditional 401(k) plans and the benefits of both. Download the infographic.

What is your perspective on pooled employer plans and their relevance to your company?

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