To maximize your Workday investment, implementation is only a starting point


If you plan to make the most of your ERP software – with applications performing just like the demo, workers engaged in the process, and ROI maximized – implementation is only the first step.


Too often, post-production hurdles like getting security to work as needed, running reports, and managing unexpected issues can prevent a promising deployment from achieving the intended goals.


With Mercer’s application management services, our support team will ensure that your Workday system is built to go the distance – deploying optimally for your company’s requirements, structure, and employees, and working with you to ensure its ongoing viability and optimization.


To help you navigate your post-deployment world, our dedicated consultants offer comprehensive application management support for all functional areas across each Workday tenant.

  • Bi-annual Workday Releases

    Bi-annual Workday Releases:

    Don’t just update, optimize.

    Mercer AMS will not only conduct your Workday releases, they will also consult with your team and suggest the best and newest features for you to implement with R1 and R2 each year, saving your team considerable time and effort.


    Workday Releases

  • Open Enrollment

    Open Enrollment:

    Simplified and supported

    Every employee will be in Workday during your open enrollment period. Our AMS team helps configure, test, and support your Workday tenants during this critical period to ensure smooth data capture and optimized UI for all levels of employees – from hourly to executive.


    Open Enrollment

  • Year-End Reporting

    Year-End Reporting:

    Set your next year up for success

    Successful year-end reporting requires clean data, quick reporting, and dedicated time. Rely on Mercer’s AMS team to know that your Workday is configured properly to help you smoothly and efficiently process your year-end data.



How Mercer’s AMS team supports you:

People are at the center of everything we do. We help you avoid re-implementation by considering your business, financial, HR, and IT goals – both during and after launch. To do so, our Workday support experts leverage our full arsenal of tools.


Here’s how we maintain our 92% customer satisfaction rate1:

Dedicated team: Mercer’s full-time, multi-certified application management support consultants are quick to respond to your needs. Because they don’t work on ERP implementations, they are dedicated exclusively to Workday post-production support.

Experienced leadership: To help solve your biggest challenges, our experienced implementation specialists oversee every ticket you submit. You also receive overall quality assurance from our experts with years of Workday experience.

Proactive customer success managers: Your satisfaction is the sole focus of your customer success manager. Your success manager quickly addresses escalations and questions, and assists with roadmapping and strategizing new functionalities.

Tiered support: You choose among four levels of support. Predetermined monthly hours and response times define each level. That way, application management services are tailored to meet your needs and budget.

Multiple channel interaction: You can receive interactive support through web form, email, phone or virtual meetings.

1Mercer customer satisfaction survey


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Deployment is just the beginning. Mercer can help with maintenance, fixes, updates, and technical expertise while saving your team time and money.

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