Shining a light on mental wellness  

Mental health concerns are a top issue today for both employers and employees. The pandemic, social unrest, financial pressures and many other day-to-day worries are fueling an unprecedented rise in stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, lack of productivity and a host of other mental health concerns.


Consider these recent statistics:


  • Mental health was the #1 concern of workers under 35.
  • The percentage of adults reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression tripled.
  • 40% of US adults experienced mental health issues.

Welcome to BetterDays: Mercer’s innovative mental wellness web app that guides your employees to real help for real issues – right now. BetterDays provides employees with practical tips, interactive learning activities and real-time access to needs-based mental wellness resources.


BetterDays mental wellness

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BetterDays is an engaging online experience that delivers practical tips, learning activities and quick access to needs-based support resources – helping employees feel understood, supported and valued.



How BetterDays helps employees  



Provides tips and expert guidance to improve one's mental well-being – quickly and easily.


Empowers employees to face their emotions, stay centered and navigate mental issues.


Builds awareness and understanding to normalize mental health stigmas and stereotypes.


Centralizes often hard-to-find resources into a single, topic-specific tool.

Key features of BetterDays


BetterDays gives your employees a destination for everything they need to feel informed and ready to act, including: 


  • Education, tools and resources on eight timely mental health topics.
  • Dynamic navigation to find help quickly for yourself or someone close to you.
  • Empathetic language, colorful graphics and illustrations/photos to support and encourage employees during challenging times.
  • Interactive activities that create an engaging experience and reinforce self-help skills.
  • Easy access to professional hotlines for crisis-based guidance and support.
  • Web-app technology that works on any desktop or mobile device – nothing to download or update.
  • Analytics reports allows employers to track usage, measure engagement and provide valuable insights.

BetterDays mental wellness

For a full list of features and benefits of BetterDays, download the overview. 

Why Mercer?


With deep expertise across health and benefits, total rewards and employee experience, Mercer understands the needs of both employers and employees. We use the newest digital technologies to educate, engage and inspire your employees – and modernize your digital employee experience. Helping companies form meaningful connections with employees about their benefits, careers and well-being – wherever they are, on any device – is our goal.

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