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  • Aligning leadership and inspiring commitment
  • Establishing future-state clarity and consistency
  • Understanding and accounting for both the logical and emotional aspects of change


Creating a shared vision makes all the difference for organizational change 

According to Mercer research, companies with effective change management strategies and plans outperform their competition across important financial indicators — delivering stronger performance during times of disruption or transformation.

We believe change doesn’t have to be difficult. Change is a natural and continuous aspect of our lives. People don’t typically resist change — what they resist is being changed.

Effective change management can be achieved when people are informed and excited about the potential for a desirable future — and when they understand and can embrace their role in bringing about that change.

Create understanding

People don’t resist change — they resist being changed. Help people in your organization understand the nature and necessity of change by involving them in the process and journey from the beginning.

Inspire commitment and excitement

Create commitment and excitement so that people want to be part of a desirable future state. To do this, focus simultaneously on the logical and emotional aspects of change — both of which impact our decisions and behavior.

Make change happen

Achieve a successful transformation by making change feel tangible, real and reinforcing for all your employees. Establish clear communication and consistency across all levels of the organization.


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Culture is your operating environment. It defines and allows you to effectively change business strategy, and it can provide a platform to attract and engage the right talent.


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Our experts 

Kai Anderson

Kai Anderson

International Workforce and Organization Transformation Leader, Mercer

Kai joined Mercer through the acquisition of his company and now leads Mercer’s international business transformation services as a partner, consulting with executives across all industries to master their transformational challenges. Kai is a recognized keynote speaker and author of books and other publications on transformation and people management.



Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson

Partner, Mercer

Craig’s responsibilities include leading change communication projects, specifically in the areas of transformation, total rewards, talent, wellness, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Craig also leads large, complex change communication assignments for HR technology (for example, global HR portals and topical-based HR websites) and implementation of administration platforms (for example, Workday, UltiPro, etc.) as well as M&A. He also co-leads Mercer’s Technology Change Management Team and is a member of the broader Career Change Team.



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