Elevating the employee experience is a priority for companies reinventing for a new era (and if it isn’t, it should be). But what does it mean to build better employee experiences? And why does it matter?

High people-dependent companies are outpacing growth of low people-dependent companies.


They are 3x more likely to have a growth rate of 10% or more.


There’s no question about it: Employee experience (EX) is in the spotlight like never before. In their efforts to attract and keep the talent that will help secure their organization’s future, many employers are asking, how can we gain better insights into employee well-being? How can we equip our people leaders to identify and prevent employee fatigue? And how can we give our employees what they need most in the moments that matter to them?

40% of executives have engagement metrics on their scorecard, but 35% of employees still say they are satisfied but thinking of leaving.


A crucial part of effective EX design is knowing the difference between the target interaction model (TIM) and target operating model (TOM) and how to use them to the best advantage.


Creating a human-centric, employee-centered experience always starts with the target interaction model. It means thinking about employees as HR customers — understanding their needs, helping them help themselves, and identifying situations where they may need additional support and guidance. 


EX isn't just an idea, it's an action.

Wondering where - or how - to start?

We have the answer: Download our comprehensive EX guide to learn how to design an experience instead of a policy. 

Where are you on your transformation journey?

How do we help make this happen?

Identify a Strategy: Our priority is to understand your current state and your future goals. We take the time to absorb your one-, three-, and five-year roadmaps. We dig into your present EX and how it has been measured and where you want it to go, then compare that to your business strategy and map them together.

Provide consulting services around transformation: It’s time to truly transform your HR function. Many organizations simply cannot succeed without effective remote working, digitalization of work, and agile workforces. It is with these goals in mind that we map the technology layer against your EX strategy so that combined, you can create powerful, impactful change. The current environment demands shifting gears and innovative HR teams that can transform into a more people-centric function that is reimagining the employee experience and finding efficiencies during an unexpected time.

Employ a TIM before TOM process approach: We don’t design EX the way everyone else does. The HR model prevalent over the past few decades was primarily designed around the function itself, creating a target operations model (TOM). But HR silos don’t align with today’s business and workforce needs and a target operating model loses its value when experiences are not linear. By shifting the emphasis to a target interaction model (TIM), one that values personal and digital employee interactions, HR becomes a people-centered function. When we design your strategy and technology roadmap, we do so in a way that builds on TIM before TOM.

Digitize these solutions on any platform with our help. Your strategy is identified. It reflects your near- and mid-term goals. The technology is mapped in such a way that it prioritizes your target interaction model, then target operating model. Your roadmap is complete and now the technology is ready to be built out. But are you providing an optimized employee experience for end users and your HR teams by employee technology best practices that are unique to your industry? Are you working with a partner who has special expertise in their field and can consultatively build out your technology in such a way that you’re saved headaches and challenges? Technology alone does not drive change. Mercer approaches technology through a people and business lens, evaluating your unique business needs and environment, to ensure a truly positive and influential EX.

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