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Talent Strategy defines Business Success

What’s Your Strategy?

A company is only as good as its talent. And a company’s talent is only as good as its talent strategy. Talent leaders can no longer get away with haphazard hiring and ineffective career management. Employees today aren’t interested in just jobs — they want meaningful careers.

Are You a Master Talent Planner?

Put yourself in the shoes of a city master planner. It’s up to you to decide where highways need to connect neighborhoods, where concrete jungles need to be dressed with greenery, and where bus and subway stops should sit. In short, you have to anticipate people’s needs and design a thriving city — not just for today but for years to come.

As a talent leader, you have the ability to shape a thriving and productive landscape across offices, regions, and even continents. But success rests on an astute talent strategy. Mercer’s Human Capital Scan can help.

62% of organizations rate themselves as ineffective at workforce planning.

Savvy Planning for a Thriving Workforce

Combining human capital data, exclusive research, and expert consulting, we’re ready to help you create the best plan for your workforce ecosystem.

No planner has resources to waste. You want to make sure every dollar counts and that every desk (virtual or otherwise) is occupied by a person who’s contributing to the success of your business. Use our talent strategy road map to analyze your business strategy, identify issues within your talent management systems, and define actionable talent initiatives to fill the gaps.

Do you really understand your people — who they are, how they’re performing, and where you’re losing them? Turn “we think” into “we know”: Use our workforce planning tool or proprietary Internal Labor Market Analysis® platform to assess your internal labor pool. The true story of your workforce is in the data, and you can use the data to determine which talent investments are really paying off and where you should be focusing for the future.

Stop Managing Performance — Build Careers

We’re entering a new era of performance management. Instead of looking back at what an employee has done, today’s people leaders are inspiring them with exciting career prospects ahead.

We can help you provide your people with careers that count. Our research shows that careers are a key engagement driver for talent — surpassing pay in some markets. If your employees don’t feel that they’re on an exciting career journey, your talent city could look very different in a few years.

Our approach to performance and career management, including our employee-centric Mercer Career View app, takes the long view on careers to ensure that the lifeblood of your organization doesn’t drain away.

We Have Eyes on the Globe

Our research provides hard data and insights into talent challenges around the world, from what leadership competencies are critical in different markets to how companies are solving talent mobility challenges. We provide practical solutions to fixing the issues we identify.

"With the right tools, identifying potential can be a science. Mercer partnered with us to identify and develop leaders with a growth mindset." Raelee Hobson, Organisational Development, Oil Search Limited.

In today’s interconnected world, leaders need to operate with unprecedented global awareness. Traditional approaches to developing leaders are no longer relevant. Mercer Global Leadership Assessment and Leading to Transform programs have market-leading tools specifically targeted to the development of  a global mindset.

Global leadership is no longer the preserve of expats or senior executives. A global leader is anyone who works across geographic and cultural boundaries. Global leaders can be found at the most senior levels or at the front line of your organization. Even early career professionals are working regionally and globally, interacting with an increasingly diverse range of colleagues and customers. This means that a wider cadre of leaders must develop the unique skillset necessary for global leadership success.

How organizations are responding to the challenges of talent scarcity, globalization, and the era of the individual is just a portion of the issues that will determine which companies win out over their competitors in the race for talent. Developing a thriving workforce requires business modelling and industry insights to know what levers will have an impact. Are you prepared?

How Mercer Can Help

Our talent strategy professionals can help you:

  • Develop a talent strategy road map.
  • Assess and implement a more effective organizational design.
  • Apply workforce planning and analytics.
  • Develop talent through career and performance management processes.
  • Define your employee value proposition through the development of an engaging culture.
  • Identify key talent and build succession slates. 
  • Fulfill careers and build the pipeline through leadership assessment and development interventions.
  • Talent strategies following a merger or acquisition.
Workforce and Careers Services and Products

Career Frameworks

Mercer helps clients build workforce capabilities through proactive and deliberate career management strategies and programs.

Our career management approach brings together individual and organizational concerns to ensure that employees can: understand their career opportunities and enable the organization to have visibility into employee capabilities, influence their career direction and enable the organization to flow the best talent towards the most critical roles, and advance at their pace and enable the organization to have a full pipeline of ready talent. When clients choose Mercer for their career management needs, they benefit from a connected and holistic approach, processes to enable managers and employees to drive organizational adoption, and results that work for the employee and the business.

Employee Value Proposition

Mercer can help clients focus their limited resources through designing and delivering employee value propositions that work for both the company and its critical employees.

Mercer’s solutions include research and insights, plan design and implementation and connecting and enabling resources.


HR Infrastructures, Knowledge and Experience (HIKE) is a comprehensive learning solution built to accelerate our client’s HR capability.

HIKE International came out of a strategic project incubated in China. This International version leverages the best of our intellectual property and thought leadership globally in a subscription package for our clients.

Leadership Strategy

In order to ensure organizations maximize their leadership potential, they need powerful strategies for developing and managing leaders.

Mercer works with boards, CEOs and other key stakeholders to translate business requirements into specific leadership requirements to drive growth.

Performance Management

With an emphasis on performance, Mercer helps our clients create performance management solutions that work.

Our solutions lead to inspired employees, the right behaviors, and investments of time, energy, and money in processes that result in desired business outcomes.

Strategic Partnering for HR

Strategic Partnering for HR (SP4HR) is a 2.5 day experiential learning program that has been created for HR leaders and professionals who want to make a real difference.

A difference to bottom-line and sustainable results, a difference to the way HR is perceived as a value-adding business partner and a way to build their personal brand by developing cutting edge skills.

Talent Assessment and Development

Mercer helps clients develop leadership capability to raise the performance bar, manage pipeline risk and positively impact retention.

Mercer assesses leadership performance, potential, readiness and fit at various levels in the leadership pipeline to ensure that the assessment is not only ‘fit for purpose’, but ‘fit for the leadership level’. 

Virtual Assessment Centers

The Mercer Virtual Assessment Center is a rapidly deployable, cost-effective assessment program designed to gauge the capabilities of high-level managers or directors in a virtual yet realistic simulated work environment.

Mercer Virtual Assessment Center is used to evaluate current leaders during rapid expansion into new markets or in an M&A situation, while identifying candidates for succession planning or new openings and developing individuals who will take organization to new heights. Not simply a multiple-choice, computerized role-play, our assessments  employ actual Mercer consultants trained in leadership assessment to conduct the simulations. 

Workforce Analytics & Planning

Mercer’s systematic approach forecasts risks, finds the right balance of quantity, quality, and location of critical talent and pinpoints internal supply of, and demand for, critical skills and roles under multiple business scenarios.

Our integrated approach identifies and addresses critical gaps between current workforce resources and future needs, and finds actionable solutions to financial traps.

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