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  • Overcoming deficiencies in workforce capability and future skills 
  • Operating in a digital-first and/or blended work environment 
  • Redesigning work to achieve an optimal combination of humans and automation

Reshaping work and people experience

Transformation is not a one-time event. Nor is it about slashing costs to improve the bottom line. Achieving bold, systemic change requires investing in your people to drive long-term, sustainable growth, realizing a return on multiple dimensions — financial, operational and human.


Our people-centric, evidence-based approach to transformation unlocks future growth by helping companies reimagine how they work and how their people experience work. We focus on reshaping work and how it is experienced. Beginning with world class thought leadership, we apply design thinking to build people-centered solutions, ensuring processes and targeted interactions add value, eliminate friction and engage your workforce.


Underpinning all the transformation work, we also help you with change management to understand, acknowledge and address the varying needs of stakeholder groups to drive greater commitment and adoption and turn challenges into opportunities during your transformation journey.


Our robust solution set includes:



Point of view paper


Reinventing for the new shape of work

Transform to drive a future-first view.



Global Talent Trends Study

Discover how leading organizations are responding to some of the most significant issues of our time.

Point of view paper


Gaining a skills edge through agile talent practices

Accelerate your future of work journey through a skill-based approach.

Our experts 

Ravin Jesuthasan

Ravin Jesuthasan

Global Transformation Services Leader, Mercer


A recognized global thought leader and futurist, Ravin advises clients on defining the future of work and HR. He partners with clients worldwide to help them prepare for and meet the challenges caused by disruption from the emerging digital economy, the rise of artificial intelligence and the transformation of work.


Armin von Rohrscheidt

Melissa Swift

US Transformation Leader, Mercer


Melissa partners with clients to help them bring their workforces to a different and better future. Her work leverages data analytics, pragmatism and a humanist view of the workplace to create extraordinary outcomes for organizations. A fast-moving world requires changes to the work we do, shifts in the skills and behaviors required to do that work and fundamental re-sets on many different ways of working. Melissa has led multidisciplinary teams that help make these changes happen. 

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