With the coronavirus pandemic and remote workforces, open enrollment will not be a routine annual process for many companies this year. How can your organization adapt and prepare? Learn strategies and insights to meet the changing health, benefits, and communications needs of your workforce this open enrollment season. 

Open Enrollment Webinar

Hear from a panel of Mercer experts as they discuss how to approach open enrollment decisions this year.

2020 Annual Enrollment

Strategic communications employers can deploy to ensure employees understand the real-time value of their total rewards package, including how their employer-sponsored benefits provide support, security, and resources during these uncertain times.

US Health News

Open enrollment will not be business as usual this year. These five key considerations will help you adapt, plan, and communication about open enrollment.

US Health News

While the pandemic has created immense public health challenges, it has also has revealed significant opportunity for employers to transform the role of virtual care.

Enrollment Communications

Thinking through your media/communication channels, as well and your messaging, timing, and the look and feel of your open enrollment communications will be especially important this year.

Enrollment Communications

A self-paced, virtual health fair centralizes your company’s messaging and important resources, and is accessible on any device, at any time. Introducing Mercer Virtual Benefits Fair, an interactive and engaging tool that is simple to use and quick to implement.

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